Success Stories

Live Courses
Online Courses
Public Lectures
Live Courses
  • Al-Taqwa Masjid School; Leicester, UK
  • Ahmed bin Ali Center, Doha, Qatar
  • Yayasan Restu, at Shah Alam, Malaysia
  • Serving Islam Teach (SIT), Hong Kong
  • Al-Fanar Center, Doha, Qatar
  • MCDC school at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Darul Ayman School, Mangalore, India
  • Darul Falah, Chennai, India
  • Koran Lasare Forening (KLF) at Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Al-Hiddayah Academy, Bangalore, India
  • Mercy Mission; Mumbai, India
  • Red Camel School; Pune, India
  • Higher Institute for Islamic Studies in Foreign Languages (HIISFL), Cairo, Egypt
  • Assisted Sheikh Mohammed Al-Raei during his QN course; Stockholm, Sweden
  • Cordoba School for Girls, Dar Al-Salam, Tanzania
  • TYPF Center, Dar Al-Salam, Tanzania
  • AHLAN Foundation (da’wah organization); Egypt
Online Courses
  • Teaching Quraan Recitation and Tajweed at Knowledge International University (
  • Teaching new revert sisters Quraan Recitation at New Muslim Academy (
  • Al-Moqaddimah Al Jazzryyah Course with CQC (Center for Quran Classes)

Participated as a guest Speaker in Several webinars with :

  • Duaa of the SuperStar; Dec 2011
  • Mesmerised by the Might of Your Creator: Glory Names of Allah; Apr 2012
  • Fifth Gear: A reflection on a Sura (chapter) form the Quran; Aug 2012
Public Lectures
  • Inspirational Speech for reverts celebration in South Africa (saying لا إله إلا الله with relation to articulation Points and its effect on the body)
  • Importance of Tajweed in the Recitation of the Quran at the Islamic `center for Women in Manglore
  • Manhaj (Syllabus) of the Quran and how to take the Quran as a manual of life
  • Calligraphy of the Quran and its relation to Tafseer
  • Rules of Tajweed and their relation to Tafseer
  • Soft Skills Based on the Quran: Communication and Dialogue Etiquette