Teaching Experience

15 years of professional teaching experience- both live face-to-face and online- at different organizations teaching non-Arabic speaking sisters, of almost all tongues.


While my main focus is on the Teachers' Training Program, I also work on consultancy projects and conduct online webinars and lectures on various Quran related topics.

Onsite Training Courses

Conducted Teachers’ Training Program (TT-Program), Tajweed and Quran courses as well as Nourania Course, at:

  • Egypt
    • Higher Institute for Islamic Studies in Foreign Languages (HIISFL); Cairo,AHLAN Foundation (da’wah organization); Cairo, Egypt
  • Hong Kong
    • Serving Islam Team (SIT); Hong Kong
  • India
    • Darul Falah; Chennai
    • Al-Hiddayah Academy; Bangalore
    • Mercy Mission; Mumbai
    • Red Camel School; Pune
    • Darul Ayman School; Mangalore
  • Malaysia
    • Yayasan Restu. Shah Alam.
    • MCDC school; Kuala Lumpur
  • Qatar
    • Al-Fanar Center (Da’wah Center Supervised by Awqaf Qatar); Doha
    • Ahmed bin Ali Center; Doha
  • Sweden
    • Koran Lasare Forening (KLF); Gothenburg
    • Assisted Sheikh Mohammed Al-Raei during his QN course; Stockholm
  • Tanzania
    • Andalusia Center; Dar Al-Salam
    • Cordoba School for Girls; Dar Al-Salam
  • UK
    • Al-Taqwa Masjid School; Leicester

Other Live-Class Teaching and Lectures

  • Ulum Al-Quran Course.
    Al-Fanar Center. Doha Qatar.
  • Al-Moqaddimah Al-Jazryyah Course.
    Al-Fanar Center. Doha Qatar.
  • Inspirational Speech for reverts celebration.
    Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Teacher of Tajweed and Quran Recitation.
    Al Fajr Centre for non-Arabic Speakers. Cairo, Egypt.
  • Teacher of Qaeda Nourania
    Al Fajr Centre for non-Arabic Speakers. Cairo, Egypt.
  • Pondering over the Quran and Understanding its Manhaj Course.
    Al Fajr Centre for non-Arabic Speakers. Cairo, Egypt.
  • Teacher of Tajweed and Qaeda Nourania for non-Arabic speakers.
    • Ahmad Bin Ali Center. Doha, Qatar.
    • Mariam Center. Doha, Qatar.

Online Teaching

  • Head of the Tajweed & Quran Recitation Department- Sisters Section
    KnowledgeInternational University (kiu.org)
  • Founder and Lead Instructor
    Marjan Programs marjanprograms.com
    An online organization which aims at teaching Quran and its sciences to help sisters fulfill their individual obligation (فــــرض الــــعـیـن ) - free of charge- and also teaching fundamentals (Usool) of Qiraat
  • Founder and Lead Instructor
    Motoon Foundation motoonfoundation.com
    An online organization which aims at teaching poems related to tajweed, Qiraat, calligraphy of the Mushaf and Arabic Language.
  • Quraan Recitation Teacher
    New Muslim Academy (nma.org)
  • Trainer of the Jazzryyah Course المقدمة الجزریة
    Center of Quran Class (cqc.ca.in)

Consultancy Projects

Providing online consultancy services for curriculum and syllabus for some schools/centers which I’ve worked with or conducted training for:

  • New Muslim Academy (NMA), online
  • Madrassah and Adult’s Programs at Al-Taqwa Masjid, Leicester, UK
  • Teachers’ Program: Al-Hidayah School, Bangladesh
  • Teachers’ Program: Al-Iman International School, India
  • Teachers’ Program: Center for Quran Classes (CQC), India (Online)


  • Conducted several webinars with Marjan Programs covering diverse topics in Quran and different Sciences of the Quran
  • Participated as a guest Speaker in Several webinars with www.iamalima.org
4_3_Mal about
Shah Alam, Malasiya. Yayasan Restu. Teachers' Training & Tajweed. Dec. 2018
Gothenburg, Sweden. Koran Lasare Forening. Nourania course. 2012